FESTIVAL THEATRE April 23 to October 26, 2008



by William Shakespeare




Ben Carlson, Maria Ricossa, Scott Wentworth, Geraint Wyn Davies, James Blendick, Victor Ertmanis, Bruce Godfree, Adrienne Gould, Tom Rooney


Directed by Adrian Noble

Designed by Santo Loquasto

Lighting Designed by Michael Walton

Music Composed by Claudio Vena

Fights Directed by John Stead

Sound Designed by Todd Charlton

Choreographed by Nicola Pantin


The Cast


The Royal Family


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - Ben Carlson

The Ghost of Old Hamlet, his father - James Blendick

Claudius, his uncle and now King of Denmark - Scott Wentworth

Gertrude, his mother and now Claudius's Queen - Maria Ricossa


The Courtiers


Palonius, counsellor to the King - Geraint Wyn Davies

Laertes, his son - Bruce Godfree

Ophelia, his daughter - Adrienne Gould

Voltemand - David Francis

Cornelius - John Innes

Reynaldo - Ron Kennell

Osric - Juan Chioran

A Gentlewoman - Barbara Fulton

Ladies-in-waiting - Leah Keeley, Teresa Renee, Daniela Vlaskalic


Hamlet's Companions


Horatio - Tom Rooney

Rosencrantz - David leyshon

Guildenstern - Patrick McManus


The Watch


Barnardo - Stephen Kent

Marcellus - Stephen Russell

Francisco - Patrick McManus


The Players


Player Prologue - Sean Baek

Player King - Victor Ertmanis

Player Queen - Daniela Vlaskalic

Player Poisoner - In-Surp Choi


At the Graveyard


First Gravedigger - Victor Ertmanis

Second Gravedigger - Randy Hughson

Priest - John Innes


The Norwegian Army


Fortinbras - Jeff Lillico

Captain - Stephen Russell

Soldiers - Sean Baek, In-Surp Choi, David Francis, Randy

Hughson, John Innes, Ron Kennell, Stephen Kent





Michel Allard, Andrew Bensler, John Fekete, Jerome Summers, Michael A. Wood



Artistic Credits


Director - Adrian Noble

Designer - Santo Loquasto

Lighting Designer - Michael Walton

Composer - Claudio Vena

Fight Director - John Stead

Sound Designer - Todd Charlton

Choreographer - Nicola Pantin

Assistant Director - Vikki Anderson

Assistant Set Designer - Sean Mulcahy

Assistant Costume Designer - Alix Dolgoy

Assistant Lighting Designers - Daniel Mcllmoyl, Siobhan Sleath

Fight Captain - David Leyshon

Dance Captain - Adrienne Gould

Stage Manager - Nora Polley

Assistant Stage Managers - Martine Beland, Corinne Richards

Apprentice Stage Manager - Kathleen Harrison

Production Assistant - Kristopher Weber

Production Stage Manager - Margaret Palmer

Production Credits


Stage Carpenter - David McDonald

Alternate - Les Maclean

Master Electrician - Alec Cooper

Alternate - Nancy McCune

Property Master - Ted Derry

Head of Sound - Scott Matthews

Crew - Art Fortin, James Turner

Wardrobe Mistress - Gail Homersham-Robertson

Wardrobe Attendants - Ina Brogan, Tracy Houston-Mcintyre, Jane

Mallory, Brigitte Nazar, Lela Stairs, Debra Yundt

Swing - Caroline Broadley

Wigs and Makeup Show Head - Dave Kerr

Wigs and Makeup Crew - Nancy Warren





Special thanks to Norman Cruz, MD, Stratford; Jennifer Anderson, MD, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto; Brian Hands, MD, FRCS (C), Medical Voice Consultant; Vox Cura voice care specialists, Toronto; Simon McBride, MCISc, MD, London Health Sciences Centre - Vocal Function Clinic, London, Ont.; John Yoo, MD, London Sciences Centre, London, Ont. Pianos tuned and maintained by Don Stephenson.