Claudio Vena

Canadian astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk floats in the space shuttle Columbia
with his two favourite recordings Quartetto Gelato and Rustic Chivalry.

Claudio Vena commissioned to compose an original score for the 2008 Stratford Shakespeare Festival's production of Hamlet

FESTIVAL THEATRE April 23 to October 26, 2008  
Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Full Cast & Crew
Claudio playing with Ray from Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers.
Westjet's in-flight entertainment. Sold out! Standing room only!
The audience was rivited to their seats for 4 hours. November 7, 2004, Edmonton to Toronto.

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We’re pleased to announce the release of the much talked about solo CD of Claudio Vena...

"La Vita E Un Circo"

This CD has been described as 'breath-taking and cinematic in scope'.

Here are some ot the great artists that appear on this recording:

Solo Violin/Viola/Accordion:
Claudio Vena
Violins: Barry Shiffman (Concertmaster), Parmela Attariwala, Norman Hathaway,
Young Dae Park, Malou Sobrevinas, Vera Tarnowsky.

Violas: Dan Blackman(principal), Jonathan Craig, Nicholaos Papadakis
Cellos: Jill Vitols, Kirk Worthington(principal)
Bass: Hopper
Harp: Erica Goodman
Flute/Pic/Soprano-Alto-Bari Sax: Vernon Dorge
Oboe/English Horn: Cari Ebli
French Horns: Harcus Hennigar, Gabriel Radford(principal)
Trumpets: Larry Larson(principal), James Spragg
Piano/synths: Claudio Vena
Guitar: Silvio Simone(principal), Zed
Percussion: Claudio Vena, Franklin Vena
Vocals: Franklin Vena, Tristan Vena
Conductor: Claudio Vena

Recorded at: Cosmic Cowboy Studios and Inseption Sound Studios, Toronto
Mixed By: Chad Irschick & Claudio Vena, Inseption Sound Studios, Toronto
Mastered by: Chad Irschick, Inseption Sound Studios, Toronto
Produced by: Claudio Vena
Composed, Arranged & Orchestrated by: Claudio Vena
Photography by: Rob Doda, at the Markham Theatre For The Performing Arts